E-Bits is an US company incorporated in Texas. The company was created to bring US products in the Mexican Market. This would include electronic CrossBorder Products from US to Latin America. E-Bits has a fully functional Payment Platform located in the US. This Platform is currently integrated to the 4 Carriers in Mexico. These are Telcel, Movistar, Isuacell and Nextel. The Platform also offers state of the art Customer Portal that allows customers to view balance, run reports, add merchants and create new products. Access to these tools is vital for customers to manage existing customers and use tools to increase sales.

E-Bits transaction processing network and state-of-the-art hardware and software receives message streams from point of sale terminals, partner POS and web interfaces, and processes the incoming requests by connecting with any necessary host or switch. Once the request is received by the E-Bits network, the appropriate response is delivered as an e-pin, activation reply, top-up confirmation, money transfer confirmation, balance, etc. – all in real-time.

E-Bits software supports transactions through a wide variety of POS devices including best of breed POS terminals, mobile phones via SMS, and PC/Web solutions. In addition, they provide a comprehensive set of web service application program interfaces (APIs) for host-to-host integrations.